Being a Digital Citizen


This tweet is extremely valuable to teachers. It explains the importance of using Google technology in the classroom. Teachers should be able to utilize this technology in their classrooms because it allows students to collaborate with each other. Teachers should encourage their students to do their school projects using the Google Drive because this technology fosters students to work together effectively. Additionally, the Google Drive allows students to easily access their work at school and at home. Students can begin an assignment at school and then finish it at home without having the hassle of having to put it on a jump drive or emailing it to yourself.

This tweet is linked to an article that highlights some of the benefits that video-games can bring to students. As a future teacher, this is information that is vital for my future teaching practices. Video-games are viewed negatively by society. They could be a useful teaching method if teachers realized the potential that they could serve for their students. Video-games would engage students in a lesson and also create a fun atmosphere in the classroom.

When volunteering in an elementary school, the teacher I was shadowing was teaching her student how to tell time. The method that she chose to use when teaching her student how to tell time was using apps on her iPad. As I watched the student match digital clocks to analog clocks on the iPad, I was wondering how the teacher found all of these apps. So, when reading this tweet, it resonated with me because I was able to see a clear correlation of how apps will be used when I become a teacher and how I, as a special education teacher, will find the best apps to use with my students.


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