Using Twitter for Teaching Tips


I found this tweet to be very important because I could resonate with its message. During my schooling, I had many poor experiences with learning math. I found math class to be very boring and would count down the minutes until the period was over. But why did it have to be that way? Currently, I am in a curriculum instruction class for the subject of math. My cohort is learning about how to engage and get students excited about learning math. We want to give our students a more positive experience with mathematics than what we had as students.

In this tweet, I learned a lot about what blending learning is and how I can incorporate it in my classroom. Blended learning is when students learn some of a lesson from online sources. Blended learning is a good method of teaching because it is efficient, effective, and engaging. Through the tips written in this tweet, I will be better equipped to teach through blended learning.

When reading this tweet, I found this so useful for my future teaching practices. In the digital age that we are in, it is so important to incorporate our student’s devices in the classroom. If we do this, it will teach them how to use their electronic devices for an educational purpose. However, how do I ensure that my students are not texting each other during my lesson? This article offers tips on how to avoid situations like that.


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