Twitter Assignment: Bringing and Accessing Technology in the Classroom




I found this tweet important because it discusses three reasons why having a digital classroom is important. Knowing these three points will help me combat negative reactions from parents and others in the teaching profession of incorporating technology in the classroom. The three reasons why this article says it is crucial to have a digital classroom is because it allows children to have easier access, it provides students with better information, and it provides teachers with alternative means in assisting their students.



I am interested in this tweet because I find the idea of gamifying a classroom very intriguing. This article provides eight reasons why using games in the classroom can benefit students. As a special education teacher, games are a great tool to use because it scaffolds tasks for students, while also making learning exciting.



I enjoyed reading this tweet because it is very relevant to our class discussions. Whenever we talk about bringing technology into the classroom, a major concern of it is always that not all schools will be able to afford these devices. This article shows how schools can have access to technology, even if they are on a tight budget.


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