Good Resources from Twitter




I found this tweet to be very important because it shows four simple ways that teachers can improve the confidence of their students. When I was younger, I had very low confidence because my teachers did not properly highlight what I knew; rather they focused on what I did not know. This tweet gives some suggestions in order to ensure your students have higher confidence.



This tweet talks about allowing students to choose their own devices in the classroom. I found this interesting because we have not really discussed the idea of having students select the device that they want to work with, but I can see the significance of it. When students can choose the device that they want to work with, the lesson becomes even more relevant and interesting to them.



I chose this tweet because it is a great resource to have. This tweet offers 17 different tools that students can use to supplement their education and be beneficial to their learning process. Among the list of tools is a wide range of functions. For example, there are tools that can help students study for tests, and there are also ones that help students learn the rules of grammar.


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