Communication with Students


            Thinking back to the first day of class, I remember our teacher, Mike, asking to join our cohort’s Facebook group. I was extremely apprehensive about this and found it a little weird to interact with a teacher over a form of social media. I imagined this form of communication to be very invasive and that it would be crossing a boundary. Still, when I mention to my friends that my teacher posted our homework assignment or answered our questions via Facebook, they are a little weird-ed out. However, after using this form of communication with a teacher for a semester, I am finally able to see all the benefits that it brings to the classroom.

            In this day and age EVERYBODY has a Facebook. Your parents, grandparents, and little siblings are all on this form of social media to connect with each other, play games, and share their life events.Image

In addition to Facebook, everyone is texting. The article that I found discusses teacher-student communication through texting. Why can’t teachers be able to contact their students in the most efficient and effective way possible? Obviously, every 2nd grader is always checking their phone to see if they have a new message. So, this method almost guarantees that students will receive and read a teacher’s message.


Throughout the course of the semester, a major topic of discussion has revolved around bringing education to students’ everyday devices. Allowing students to see their devices for their educational potential. When allowing teachers to communicate with their students through these forums, students are able to see what they view as fun and leisure can also aid them in their education.


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