Twitter: 21st Century Teachers




I found value in this tweet because it discusses easy ways to incorporate art in the classroom. Many students struggle with expressing themselves in writing. It is crucial, as a teacher, to give students the material that allows them to best demonstrate their knowledge. This article offers a variety of techniques that could be used in the classroom that incorporate art in a lesson.



This tweet caught my attention because I have been very interested in how to use social media in a lesson without crossing boundaries. This article shows that most teachers are still very apprehensive about the idea of bringing social media to the classroom. They believe it will cause too much of a distraction for the students.




This tweet is important because it gives ways for teachers to be successful in their classroom while using technology. It is not enough to just give students an iPad and call yourself a 21st century teacher. It is important to follow the tips outlined in this tweet in order to give your students a quality educational experience.


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