Major Challenge One: Scenario Three


“These students today just won’t sit still and listen to me anymore.  I’m not sure how they are ever going to learn!”

“All they are ever interested in are their GameBoys and their LOLs!”

“And in the days of budget cuts and really having to look at what is absolutely important to teach these kids, I don’t understand why I keep reading about technology as a solution.  What a waste!”

After overhearing this conversation on an elevator, the three of us felt the need to respond and defend our beliefs of the importance of technology in the classroom. Instead of providing a means of distraction for our students, we all agree that technology actually aids our students in becoming more focused. Devices can be used in many educational ways, and it is our job to allow and help our students view technology for the educational purposed that it offers. Although the devices may be a big investment, in the long run, they are more economical than buying new textbooks. Technology and devices can be used for a wide of range of purposed, and therefore are more practical of an investment.


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